About us


Quienes somos

I am José Quindós

I would like to bring to your attention the new project I have decided to start.

After 25 years dedicated to tourism from my family hotel, I have decided to change perspective.

Instead of waiting for clients to appear at my door, I have decided to head out with them to show

themVthat other home I know so well… my homeland.

I personally believe that this province has tremendous potential in at least three aspects which

usually interest tourists/travellers in the interior of the country,

  1. History and Culture
  2. Nature
  3. Gastronomy and Enology

In these three fields, I have much to contribute

With regards to History and Culture, I am currently reading Art History in the UNED, specialising

in Mozarab and Mudejar Art, examples of which, our province has possibly the best examples

in the world

In the field of Nature, this is and has always been my favourite pastime. Forests, woods and

mountains. Above all, the native forests of León, full of oak, yew, beech, rowan, chestnut, birch, holly…

On the subject of Gastronomy and Enotourism, I am proud to have run, for over 20 years, one

of the best restaurants in the city, the Formela restaurant. I specialised as a sommelier becoming

regional champion of Castile and León in the process. This passion led me to dedicating part of

my job to the hosting of educational and informative wine-tasting sessions.

I honestly believe that the wines of León are among the most interesting in Spain. If we add that

some of the most notable wine cellars are situated between the mountains and centuries old

monasteries next to the Route to Santiago, we already have a worthwhile tourist route to begin


Thanks for your time.

May you have a good day and enjoy the way.